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Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Friday, May 9, 2014

Kunjamuk Cave - Speculator, NY - 5/4/14

Kunjamuk Cave.  I've always loved the name.  I don't why I like Indian names, but I do.  This one especially, so when Leesa and I were passing through Speculator, NY last weekend we went in to take a look at the cave. 

This area is a maze of old jeep roads; snowmobile routes in the winter.  There is some signage, but one could easily take a wrong fork in this area.  The hike is a quick one since the entire walk is on jeep roads.  Still it's nice to explore a new area.     

A lot of signs for the middle of nowhere!

The hike to the cave is only 1.5 miles and it is quite flat.

A beaver pond along the way

This is the crucial fork with no positive signage.   Go right here!

This bridge looks brand new.  It was probably put in within the last year. 

Impressive bridge for the area it serves

I got a laugh out of this sign!

Looking back at the tree with the cell phone sign on the right
 The cave itself is not that deep, perhaps 15'.  It is interesting though and has a high dome ceiling in the back.  There is also a hole above the entrance in the front which lets in more light.

You can see the cave in the background.  It is just off the road

Rev got there first

Rev and Leesa in the cave

Still ice on the ground in the cave

Looking out from within

The cave; with Cave Hill in the background

After looking at the cave, we climbed Cave Hill, immediately behind the cave, just to say we climbed something.  Afterwards we had a quick walk back the car.

I wouldn't really consider this a hike, but it's a quiet stroll to something different.

Hike Stats:
Hike Distance:  3 miles roundtrip
Hike Time:  1.25 hours

The route (click image to enlarge)

A closer look

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