Lake George

Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Monday, November 23, 2015

Northern Archipelago of Gothenburg (Ockero Kommun) - Sweden - 11/12/15

After spending Wednesday 11/11 exploring the downtown heart of Gothenburg, we spent Thursday 11/12 at the Volvo Museum in the morning then headed for the islands of the Northern Archipelago of Gothenburg.

Over 12,000 people live on the 10 islands of the Northern Archipelago.  Cars can be taken on the islands and ferries run on a regular basis to shuttle people and cars.  We first headed to the southern most island (Hono).  

I climbed to the high point of the island for a scenic 360 degree view.  The 11 pictures below are mostly taken from this location. 

There was strong wind here at the southwestern tip of Hono.

Beautiful houses (both year round and summer houses).

Very picturesque.

Next we traveled to the northern most island (Roro) to trek around on the largest nature reserve in the northern archipelago.  We were blessed with a sunny afternoon and it was gorgeous. 

An assortment of lost and found shoes.

We passed rolling hills, rocky crags and pebbly beaches.  What was not to like?  Nothing!  We spent the afternoon roaming around and taking it all in.  

A network of trail are woven through the Reserve.  We followed portions of the blue trail and the orange trail.  We didn't see a single person while on the trails.  While we were hiking I was pondering how busy these islands must get in the summertime.  I can only imagine that there are throngs of people.  I'd be kayaking if I were here in the summer.   

It wouldn't be hard to boat and hike and wander these 10 islands for a week.  Darkness came to soon on our afternoon and we made our way back to the car glad we got to see this spot, but wishing we had more time.

Lindsay's classic pose.

She was waiting for me to take the picture so she could move and get warm again. 

An aerial view of the northern archipelago

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