Lake George

Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hoh Rain Forest - 8/13/11

Our 3rd day of vacation was a hike in the Hoh Rain Forest on the Hoh River Trail, then a drive to Soleduck where we hiked to Soleduck Falls.  Later we drove to Port Angeles and got our only motel of the vacation (a needed respite).  After we checked into the motel, we had dinner and drove up Hurricane Ridge at sunset.  That was awesome.
Just like every day on our vacation, it was mostly sunny and in the 60's.  The Rain forest was quite impressive with lots of huge sitka spruce trees and hanging moss.  There were ferns everywhere. 

Hoh Rain Forest entrance station
The story of the trees....
Leesa is normally short, but looks even smaller here.
Can't climb these trees!
Look at the hanging moss and the ferns
Zack and Nick and one big tree
Our trailhead
Kiosk trail map

Trailhead mileage info.
Zack and Nick on the trail
Hanging Moss
This is where Nick accidently left his walking stick
The river is still flowing strong, even in August
Tom's Creek Waterfall
Nick exploring at Tom's Creek bridge
More hanging moss
Zack at Tom's Creek bridge
Zack and Nick near the top of the waterfall
Soleduck Falls trail mileage

On the Soleduck Trail

A historic 1930's CCC cabin

The story behind the cabin

Soleduck Falls

Soleduck Falls Trail

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