Lake George

Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mount Fremont - 8/17/11

We spent the 1st couple hours of our last day of vacation repacking our luggage to be able to successfully get on the plane (no small task).  There was time for a half day hike so we decided to start from the Sunrise Visitor Center and hike up Mount Fremont.  This was about a 6 mile round trip and only took a couple hours.  There was a 900' elevation gain.  Leesa went on a separate excursion partway up Burroughs Mountain and then on the Silver Forest trail.  She had also made a separate trip to Sunrise (at sunrise) to watch the sun come up.  The rest of us slept until she got back.

Sunrise at Sunrise

Horseshoe Bend, Sunrise Road

Looking down from the hairpin turn on the Sunrise Road

Sunrise Visitor Center Kiosk

Zack and Nick

Zack and Nick starting towards Mount Fremont

Frozen Lake

Frozen Lake

Frozen Lake up close

Mount Fremont with the Lookout Tower in the distant background

Zooming in on the Mount Fremont Lookout Tower

Zack and Nick on the Mount Fremont trail

at the lookout tower

Nick, Mike and Zack
The lookout tower was closed for restoration, but you could peer inside through the windows.

Looking through the flowers towards Rainier from the Lookout Tower

Leesa, heading towards Burroughs Mountain

A chipmunk found a Kashi treat from someone, or was he just hoping to?

At 3 PM we were back at the back and it was time to head back towards Seattle for our over night flight back home.  In 7 seven days, we didn't have a drop of rain.  6 sunny days, and one day with a mix of sun and clouds.  We were sorry to be heading home, but it had been a perfect vacation, and a wonderful 1st trip out west for Zack and Nick.

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