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Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Vroman's Nose - Town of Fulton, Schoharie County - 4/15/17

I finally went to Vroman's Nose!  This hike has been on my list longer than any other.  I can't believe it has been on my list for over 30 years!  I'm not down in Schoharie County very often, and when I have been, it's always been on my way to somewhere else.  This is not a hike to miss... and I knew that.

It's not a long hike, only a couple miles for the loop; a little more if you check out the cut across trail in the middle.  You can always add on much more hiking if you chose to hike a section of the Long Path which traverses Vroman's Nose before continuing on.

Leesa, Rev and I managed to dedicate time to check out this gem while we left some nearby business. There is a good size parking lot that had about 8 cars there when we arrived.  Dogs are allowed on this property, but they must be leashed.

We hiked the loop counter-clockwise.  The trail is well trod, as this hill has been an attraction for many, many years.  The parking lot is on the north side of the hill, with the summit ledges offering views to the south.  As we neared the ledge, we were rewarded with sweeping views of lush farmland and surrounding mountains.  It is quite different from the Adirondack views of wilderness that we are used to, but impressive and beautiful none the less.      

Impressive farm views from the Vroman ledges  

Traveling counter-clockwise like we did, the first section of ledge we reached was an impressive expansive tabletop ledge that has attracted visitors for 150 years or more, as is evidenced by the carving in the rock.  We saw many carvings from the 1800's and one dated 1868,

We spent a long time reading the carvings on this ledge.

To my surprise, there were also fire rings on the summit ridge for people to use for picnics.

The ledge is so long and so open that a hundred people could be on top an once and each group could claim it's own space to enjoy a private summit viewing location.  I'm probably preaching to the choir, because I'm probably the last one to get here, but this hike offers an outstanding bang for the buck.

A well worn ridge path

The rules of the Vroman 's Nose Preservation Corporation

Near the east end of the ridge, we reached an impressive overhang that reminded me of "Pride Rock" from the Lion King movie.  A group of young people had claimed it, but I wouldn't venture out to it's extremity 

I'll bet this spot is usually occupied...

From the overhang ledge, the trail drops down to complete the loop.  There is a new orange marked trail the bisects the loop.

Sign at the trailhead parking area.

If you are in the area, don't miss this hike.  I can't think of a better place to spend a couple hours in search of views.  After the hike, we ventured next door to "Under the Nose" to partake of some fresh fudge that is made on site.

Great fudge here for those that are interested.

A look at Vroman's Nose from the southwest.

Once back at the door with our fudge, we went to a section of the Long Path on the east side of Middleburgh that leads to a ridge called " The Cliff" that offered a great view of Middleburgh and Vroman's Nose beyond.

View of Vroman's Nose from " The Cliff"

Hike Stats:
Hike Distance:  2.5 miles at Vroman's Nose, 2.2 miles at "The Cliff"
Hike Time:  3.5 hours total for the two hikes
Total Vertical Gain:  ~ 1000' for both 

Topo Map of Vroman's Nose, including trail network

Our two hikes

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  1. The nose is great! It's great to pair it up with a side trip to Bouck Falls... If people are still allowed to go down to the falls... Private property and I haven't been in 10+ years.