Lake George

Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Monday, June 20, 2016

The 5 Dixes from Route 73 - Dix Wilderness - 6/20/16

The Dix Range is probably my favorite range in the Adirondacks.  I've climbed it numerous times from different routes.  On this summer soltice, I chose to do the five from Route 73 at the Boquet River; finishing at the Round Pond trailhead on Route 73. 

I knew it would be extremely hot, so I did my best to get an early start and I was on the Boquet herd path at 6:30.  I used the crossing at the 1/2 mile point today to put the river on my left.  The herd path was dry and in great condition.

The first 3.4 miles to the designated campsite went by in just over an hour.  There is a wonderful swimming hole just upstream from the campsite.

Large campsite at approximately 3.4 miles on the herd path.

Great waterhole.

I chose not to climb Grace via the slide today, although it was very dry.  I had my dog Rev with me and I wasn't sure how well she would do at the top of the slide.

The Great Slide on Grace.

I took the herd path all the way up to the col just west of Grace.  Temps were still reasonable and I was able to move quickly up to the summit.  I was on the summit of Grace in 2 hours and 20 minutes from Route 73.

Looking and South Dix and Macomb from Grace.

Macomb from Grace

While I love Grace Peak, and I had it to myself, I didn't linger.  I was hoping to get over to Dix before all the heat of the day arrived.  I passed over South Dix and on to Macomb where I took a short break for a drink for myself and Rev.  I was now 10 AM and I was pleased with my progress.

While I was on the summit, another hiker appeared from the Elk Lake herd path.  It was BogHollow from the ADK High Peaks forum.  It turned out he was also doing all 5 Dix peaks, but his start and finish was at Elk Lake.  We hiked together over to South Dix and parted ways; I was heading to Hough and he had to go to Grace Peak first. 

The rock outcrop west of South Dix

There are so many great viewpoints of Elk Lake from the Dix Range.

The toughest part of the hike was now ahead of me:  Pough, Hough, the Beckhorn and Dix.  I was now getting hot.  The summits were breezy and refreshing, but it was now getting hot in the woods.
I had brought quite a bit of water, but between Rev and I we were now consuming it rather quickly.

Classic view of the Beckhorn from Hough.

We summited Hough at 11 AM.  Hough was the peak where I finished the winter 46, and it holds a special place for me.  I was now down to 32 ounces of water and I knew the dog would need some of that.

Getting closer to the Beckhorn.

I had to slow down the pace since I now had to ration my water and I didn't want the dog or I to overheat.  We stopped 4 or 5 times on the way up the Beckhorn for a cool down break.

Looking back to the south.

I had to boost Rev just before the Beckhorn at the large split rock with the crack inbetween.  When we popped out on top of the Beckhorn, I kept us moving on over to Dix.  I was now 1:05PM.  I wanted to get us down to the slide as soon as possible to refill our water bottles.  We moved as best we could down the steep Dix Trail.

Dix from the Beckhorn.

The Great Range from Dix.

Now down the steep Dix Trail to the Round Pond Trailhead.

I finished off the last of our water just before we reached the slide and was glad that I could refill my water bottles at this point.  Rev heaed straight for a pool of water.  With the water worry behind us it was easy to power back up to full speed to finish the route.

Water at the slide!

Rev was grateful!

My wife Leesa was kind enough to pick up Rev and I at the Round Pond trrailhead so we wouldn't have a road walk on Route 73.

Another summer soltice hike complete.

Hike Stats:
Hike Distance:  16 miles
Hike Time:  9 hours, 30 minutes
Total Vertical Gain:  ~5300'  

The route

The route on NG topo


  1. It would be great if you could post your GPS file. I used your track to climb MacNaughton.
    Love reading about you and Rev.

    1. Hi Dan,
      I don't post tracks any longer, but if you send me e-mail I can send you the track.

  2. Hello Mike,

    I will make this trip on July 23th. I would appreciate if you could send me your GPS file, if it's for Garmin.

    My email is :