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Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lost Pond Mountain (2171') - Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest - 1/3/16

This is not Lost Pond Peak in the High Peaks Wilderness, but rather Lost Pond Mountain in the Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest.  I noticed on the new ADK Northville/Raquette Lake Map 744, that there was a new trail new that wasn't on the previous map.  The trail is on the west side of Route 28N directly across the street from the trail to Stony Pond.

Parking is on the east side of the street.  We parked and found found the trail heading West.  It is marked as a snowmobile trail.  Don't worry though, it you are a hiker.  There are lots of trees down across the trail, so snowmobiles would find it impossible to use this trail.

One of 3 nice snowmobile bridges on the eastern half of the trail.

We only had a little time to spare so we follow the trail about halfway, which took us to the base of a small mountain called Lost Pond Mountain (2171').  We left the trail and took a very short 10 minute bushwhack to reach the summit.  There were no views, but it was a quiet day in the woods with light snow coming down and it felt very peaceful.   

A snow covered beaver pond.
We continued over the summit and went down the other side before reconnecting with the trail and looping back around to follow our tracks back out.

Approaching another bridge.

We didn't have time to hike the trail all the way through to the Northwoods Club Road, so next time we'll come in from the other direction and hike the western half of the trail.

Several beaver dams in this area.

Hike Stats;
Hike Distance:  3.5 miles
Hike Time:  2.3 hours
Total Vertical Gain:  ~500'

The route.  (Click image to enlarge)

The route on the Nat Geo map.

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