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Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sentinel Mountain (3838') - Sentinel Range Wilderness - 8/15/15

 My wife Leesa was going to hike with me on this day but she ended up having work to do.  I made a last minute change of plans to climb Sentinel Mountain (3838') in the Sentinel Range Wilderness. Sentinel is on the ADK Hundred Highest list and is one of the peaks I had remaining to do.

The forecast called for scattered showers with otherwise intermittant clouds.  I chose to approach Sentinal from the east via Liscomb Brook.  I drove down Bartlett Road and parked at a small pulloff near the brook.  There was a red ribbon on a tree just before the spot.

My dog Rev and and I were in the woods at 9:30.  This would be a short hike, but not an easy one. We headed west towards Sentinel following a herd path that started directly across from where we parked.  The path is on the south side of Liscomb Brook just far enough from the brook that I couldn't always hear the water flowing.

I forgot my camera on this trip so these pictures are from my cell phone.  For the first mile, and 40 minutes, I climbed through hardwoods.  No issues there.  This put me to about 2700'.  Liscomb Brook began a trickle at about this location.  The next 1.2 miles were in the softwoods.  My progress slowed as the trees closed in on me.  The toughest part of the hike would be the 3rd quarter; just after leaving the hardwoods.

I was able to discern a herd path fot most of this hike (except for when the tree density got so thick I couldn't see the ground).

When I got into the thick spruce, I just took it slow and easy.  Traveling alone, I'm extra cautious in the tough terrain.    

A first look at the summit ridge
I clawed by way up through the thick stuff and soon came to a rock cliff face.  I went left until I was able to climb once again.

Some blowdown in spots, but nothing too bad

When I approached the summit ridge, the hiking actually began to get easier.  The tree canopy began to thin out.

Filtered views began to appear as I got near the ridge.

While climbing, the weather had been a mix of sun and clouds.  Temps were in the 60's and I had no issues with bugs.  As I neared the summit there was a viewpoint looking south.  I pressed on the final 0.2 miles to the true summit.  The herd path was easy to follow on the ridge.  I guess the ADK Hundred Highest are beginning to receive more traffic.

Looking south from just before the true summit. 

The last little climb to the summit.

Storm cloud were beginning to threaten.

The summit!

View of Whiteface Mountain from the summit.

The summit.

The last glimpse of blue sky for the day.

 Just as Rev and I left the summit we began to hear rolling thunder.

Rain was imminent.

I hoped we could get down through the thick stuff before the rain came in.  We picked up the pace while the going was good.  The air grew still the the woods grew dark and quiet.  I began to hear light rain, but it stopped after a minute.

Going through the thick stuff was a little easier on the way down.  I just had to watch my foot placement.  Just as we got back into the hardwoods the skies opened up.   It poured for about 5 minutes before returning to a light rain.

As we got close to the car, the sun came back out and the rain stopped.  Once back I gave Rev some food and I was thankful that I had thought to put a change of clothes in the car.  I would not have been comfortable  driving home in soaking wet clothes.  I changed and we made for home.  Another 100 highest done!

Hike Stats:
Hike Distance:  4.4 miles
Hike Time:  5 hours, 10 minutes
Total Vertical Gain:  ~ 2275'  


The route

A look at the surrounding area

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