Lake George

Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kayak Paddle - Fort Ann Beach (Pilot Knob Road) to Phelps Island - 6/24/15

Our plan for Part 2 of the days adventure had to be curtailed a little bit.  We finished our hike of Bald Peak at 2:30.  We stopped at Sticks & Stones in Schroon Lake for a late lunch/ early dinner and it was now 4 PM.  By the time we stopped by the house, loaded the kayaks and drove out Pilot Knob Road to Fort Ann Beach, it was 5:45 PM.  The parking lot is small and can only hold 6-8 cars.  If the lot is full, you can always drop the boat and head south om Pilot Knob Road about a half mile to the Buck Mountain trailhead parking and leave your car there.

An afternoon breeze was starting to pick up, making it a little choppy on the lake.  We didn't care too much.  We had no goal about trying to cover a certain amount of distance.  We just launched and took our time, bobbing about in the waves.

We headed north around Point Comfort  and continued north towards Phelps Island.  We stayed close to the shore because of the choppiness.

Phelps Island straight ahead

Dome Island just left of center

Looking into the sun provides some interesting pictures

Lindsay, heading toward Phelps Island  

Phelps Island is a state owned island and it has 7 campsites on the island, but none of them were occupied.  It would have been a great night for camping.  I was wishing I was staying the night.

Phelps Island
We decided not to continue paddling to past Watch Point to Refuge Island, but rather loop around Phelps Island and enjoy a leisure paddle back.

Lindsay paddling around the north side of Phelps Island.

Dome Island - Left center

Either the wind was dying down, or we had the wind at our backs, but it felt calmer on the way back so we cut across the bay and mad a more direct line for Fort Ann Beach.

This whole trip was only 2.2 miles and took 50 minutes, but it still felt wonderful.  It doesn't take long out on the water to feel like you've gotten away from it all.  I'm feeling the need to do some more kayaking in the near future.  I'll probably choose the water on those hot buggy days when the bugs drive you insane in the woods.

Paddle Stats:
Paddle Distance:  2.2 miles
Paddle Time:  50 minutes

Our short paddle route 

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