Lake George

Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thomas Mountain - Bolton, NY - 3/30/14

Where to go on a rainy day, that was the question.  Leesa and I wanted to get out just to take Rev for a walk.  It's hard to keep a hound dog indoors all day!  The former Cat and Thomas Preserve, in Bolton, NY is probably the place we have gone most often on a rainy day, and, in fact, we went there again today.
This area became State land in 2013.  The Lake George Land Conservancy is no longer the owner, but they maintain the trail network under an agreement with the State. 
We got to the trailhead about 2 PM.  It was lightly raining.  Once again, snowshoes were necessary to prevent post-holing in the rotten snow.
New State sign at the parking area
From the trailhead, hikers can choose a 1.4 mile hike to Thomas Mountain or a 3 mile hike to Cat mountain.  Today we chose Thomas Mountain.  We were just out trying to wear the dog out a little. 
It took us a little over 30 minutes to climb the trail (old jeep road) to the Thomas Mountain cabin. The cabin is now available similar to lean-tos on state land.  The cabin is to be shared by any and all that arrive.  We have stayed there several times and have not had anyone else arrive looking to stay on any of the nights we've been there.  You can also now have an outdoor fire there which previously was not allowed.
We were glad to see the cabin is still in good repair.  In fact, someone has repainted the front of the cabin.  It is a bright medium blue color.  The previous coating had faded to a light blue gray.
The view of the Lake George was almost obscured by clouds when we arrived

A rather bright blue now decorates the front 

Cat Mountain in the distance
The faded blue can be seen on the left side

The blue trail leaving the cabin
As often happens on rainy days, the clouds dropped down to shroud Lake George.  As we were at the cabin having a snack, we watched the clouds blowing to the south and beginning to lift.  Some of the pictures below show some of the different cloud patterns.

Clouds beginning to lift off the lake
The inside of the cabin

Another view of the lake


Rev enjoying the snow






It was one of those days where we could have just sat and watched the cloud changes on the lake, but we had gotten rather wet from the rain so we didn't linger as long as we would have liked.
It would have been fun to ski down the wet snow on the old jeep road trail, but the snowshoes worked well on the post-holed soft wet snow on the trail.

Thomas Mountain old jeep road trail

The blue trail to Thomas Mountain

Flood waters flowing over still frozen ice
Hike Statistics
Hike Distance:  2.8 miles
HIke Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes
Total Vertical Gain:  ~ 700'


  1. Sweet cabin! Cool that is available for use by all, Nice rainey day adventure,

  2. Could a beginner hiker (58 yrs old) handle Thomas or Prospect Mts. trails?

    1. Yes, I would think so for the average 58 year old. Thomas is easier, it's not as steep and the footing is better. Prospect has a lot of small rocks to be careful you don't roll a foot on.

      Another good option that is similar in difficulty is the Pilot Knob preserve on the east side of Lake George on Pilot Knob Road. Great views from the gazebo at the top. You can find out more about it at: