Lake George

Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dix Mountain from Route 73 - 2/23/13

This hike was a repeat of a hike I tried back on 4/20/12 when I attempted to climb Dix Mountain from the  Route 73 trailhead at Round Pond.  On that hike, there was absolutely no snow at the Trailhead, but there was 18" of fresh snow on the steep section above where the trail crosses the slide.  That new snow made it impossible for Rev to climb.  We ended up turning back.

On this day, my son Zack and girlfriend Hannah were visiting and they came along with me for the hike.  It was a nice day for a hike (at least below treeline).  It was just below freezing and there was light snow coming down.  Hannah uses an inhaler for asthma, but had forgotten it at home.  We were hoping she would be able to do the hike OK.

Zack, Hannah and Rev

Rev treat!

We started on the trail at 8:15.  There is an uphill section after passing Round Pond that is a moderate grade for awhile before leveling off until you pass the Boquet Leanto.  We covered the first 5 miles in 2 hours and then reached the beginning of the next grade which takes you past the slide on the east face of Dix.

Hannah noticed that she was not going to be able to climb the steeper section without difficulty and we stopped to discuss what to do.  It was decided that she and Zack would go back to the car and go get some lunch at the Noonmark Diner while I climbed the remaining 1.8 miles of steep terrain to the summit.  I figured I would be about 3 hours behind them.

I gave them the car keys and a walkie-talkie radio so we could still communicate.  They then headed back and I began the steep climb.  I was following a fresh snowshoe track so the trail was easier to climb than I thought it might be.  I reached the summit about 11:45 and was still able to reach them on the radio.

The summit weather conditions were quite different (as is often the case).  Visibility was poor and it was quite windy.  I stayed long enough to take a couple pictures and then I headed back down.  It was a fast butt slide down the steep section, then an easy downhill walk out.

On the summit ridge

The summit

A nice walk in the woods down below

I made it back to the car at about 2:30 and was only 1.75 hours behind Zack and Hannah.  They had just pulled back into the parking lot 10 minutes before I came out of the woods.  Great timing!  It was nice to get to hike with Zack and Hannah for a while.  Hope they can get back again soon for another hike.

Hike Stats:
Hike Distance:  13.7 miles
Hike Time:  6 hours, 15 minutes
Total Vertical Gain:  ~ 3600'

Our route for the day (Click image to enlarge)

A topo of the route


  1. Hey, nice post. Me and a buddy climbed, well attempted to climb it around the same time as you. we went up a big open space (I'm assuming it was the end of one of those slides) right after the trail markers stopped. we bushwhacked, but ended up bailing because the slide was too steep and icy, and our dog was feeling pooped. I'm thinking we lost the trail somehow, how did you get to the summit trail? did you follow any wide open avalanche chutes?

    1. When you get to the base of the slide, you cross the slide to the other side and the trail re-enters the woods slightly uphill on the far side. It then stays in the woods the rest of the way up.

      Thanks for reading. That last stretch up the Dix trail, after you cross the slide is one of the steepest trails in the High Peaks. Dix is a great summit though.

  2. Thanks for the report. I plan to give Dix a try this Dec from 73. I think I can summit in 3.5hrs, and you kind of confirm that that may be possible, all things being equal of course. Good to know that the trail enters the woods on the other side of the slide. This will be #10 winter for me.


    1. Good luck! This is one of my favorite hikes. Hopefully some snow will come soon. The trails are really icy right now. Thanks for reading!