Lake George

Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Part Two of my Favorite Photos of 2012

Here is Part Two of my favorite photos of 2012.  Again, they are in no particular order, although I think I have more favorites in Part One.  Thanks for looking!

Climbing Mount Defiance in the rain, Snoqualmie National Forest - 10/14 12... almost looks like a Hudson River School artist painting

On the way to Granite Mountain - Snoqualmie National Forest 10/13/12

XC Skiing to Stephens Pond near Lake Durant & Blue Mountain Lake - 12/30/12

Footbridge over Diamond Brook - 11th Mountain to E. Branch Sacandaga River, Siamese Ponds Wilderness - 12/30/12

Wenatchee River, Leavenworth, WA - Icicle Ridge in the background -10/15/12

Puffer Pond (just east of Indian Lake, NY)  - 9/2/12

Camping at our secret wilderness spot! - 8/31/12

Bushwhack hike  - View from a false summit on Wyman Mountain - Dix Wilderness Area - 10/8/12 

Glorious Fall!  - 9/16/12

Have to have an ocean picture ... Biddeford, ME - 9/18/12

Favorite street photo - Leavenworth, WA - 1-/15/12

Dubious foot bridge on Lake Jimmy while on the way to Mount Allen - 6/8/12 (5:16 AM) - I made it safely across! 

Opalescent River near Flowed Lands, while on the way to Cliff Mountain and Mount Redfield - 6/1/12

A trail companion while on the way to Gothics and Armstrong - 3/11/12

A great blue heron in my back yard! - 6/7/12

Little Porter, Keene Valley, NY in the early morning clouds (this photo was actually New Year's Day 1/1/13, but I'll include it here)

Early season rime ice - McKenzie Mountain - 11/10/12


  1. That Wenatchee River / Icicle Ridge photo is a really cool shot, great color and very dramatic with the low clouds.

  2. Another great collection of shots. I remember us taking a bunch of photos along the Opalescent, the perspective in your photo is great.

  3. THANK YOU for sharing. Wonderful.