Lake George

Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paddle to Paradox

Sometimes an early morning paddle gives you just a little something different.  In this case it was morning fog.  We took a paddle on Paradox Lake, NY, just off I-87 (Northway) Exit 28.  We launched from the Paradox Lake Campground boat launch and were on the water by 7:30.  It was really neat to paddle through the fog and mist.

Birch Island in the distance
We paddled eastward, past Birch Island and Crawford Island.  At the eastern end of the lake, we looped around and headed west.  We went through the channel and into the western half of the lake before turning around to land at the Peaked Hill trailhead.   The morning fog had blown off by 9 AM.

Leesa was stalking something

We secured the boats and headed up Peaked Hill.  It's nice to be able to combine a hike with a paddle, and that's what we did.  The 2.2 mile walk up Peaked Hill took about an hour.  From the rock outcroppings on top there are a few views of the lake.  Perhaps when the leaves are down you can get a broader view.

After having some snacks on top of Peaked Hill, we returned to the boats and did a little more paddling around before returning to the boat launch.  It was a nice half day paddle/hike combo.  Paradox Lake is a nice lake with easy accessibility.  You can also paddle Eagle Lake just a couple miles to the east.

Land ho

And just like that, the fog was gone (9 AM) 

Headed back to the boat launch
Our approximate route shown in blue (click image to enlarge)

Perhaps one of our next paddles will include Eagle Lake


  1. Paradox is a great big lake. (Maybe too big for the Hornbeck I was in when I paddled it.) Nice morning!

    1. I wouldn't call Paradox a great big lake, but I quess it's all relative. I do usually paddle mid to large size water. I have a light touring boat, so I can't quite go pond hopping like you can with a Hornbeck. Thanks for reading.