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Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wakely Mountain Firetower - 5/5/12

Saturday was the day before my big 7 Sisters Trail Race.  I wanted to do a half day hike and get some exercise without making myself tired for Sunday's race.  Wakely Mountain, just west of Indian Lake, NY, down off the pretty Cedar River Road was just the hike.  The trailhead is at a parking area just off to the right from Cedar River Road.

The hike started out with our dog, Rev,  jumping out of the car and finding some fresh dog poop to roll in (not pretty).  We let her go on ahead up the trail hoping she would wash off in a stream.

The hike was 6 miles round trip.  The first 2 miles follow an old jeep trail, perhaps the old road to the firetower observer's cabin.  The trail only only climbs about 450'.  Once at the 2 mile mark the trail turns to the right and becomes a foot trail.  Unfortunately, Rev must have kept going straight.  We lost her at that point.  Leesa went up the trail, I continued on the old jeep trail, which quickly faded out.

Trail sign at the 2 mile mark indicating the trail leaves the jeep road

I retraced my steps and caught up with Leesa.  The trail climbs roughly 1200' in the last mile.  Once on the summit, there is what appears to be a new observation platform in the progress of being built.  Continuing on a couple hundred feet is the firetower and the observer's cabing.

A new observation platform, or something else?

View from the platform

The fire observer's cabin

The firetower has all new pressure treated stair treads and is in good shape

The firetower is in good shape, and hikers are currently able to go up into the cabin.  We saw no other hikers on the way up, and we had the summit to ourselves.  The observer's cabin is in good shape also, but was locked.

Views from the firetower.  The platform is in the clearing.




We enjoyed the summit for a few minutes, but then we wanted to go find Rev.  As we made our way down the steep section, we saw 3 other groups on there way up (2 with dogs).  None had seen our dog.  We got back down to the trail split and looked around again, to no avail.  Discouraged, we hiked back out to the car, and wouldn't you know it, she was laying right next to the car!  Thank goodness, smart dog!  We were quite relieved.  It was a good day afterall.

Hike Stats:

Hike Distance:  6 miles (plus dog searching)
Hike Time:  3 hours, 30 minutes
Trailhead Elevation:  2125'
Summit Elevation:  3750'
Total Vertical Gain:  1920'

Our route in blue

My Wakely Mountain & Firetower GPS track at EveryTrail


  1. Looks like a nice hike. Glad your dog made it back - smart pup!

  2. If I remember correctly, Wakely is one of the tallest fire towers in the Adirondacks - it certainly looks tall in your photo above. Also, I recall there being a helicopter pad (for supplies) up there. I beleive that's the platform you saw, although it's interesting that it is being re-built. Maybe someone has the full story on this?

    Glad you & the pup got reunited at the end of the hike.

  3. I can't believe you would let her off the leash. No one would ever let you have a dog again if you lost a second dog on a hike.

    1. It wasn't intended. I think we are going to look into the remote collar.

  4. Amazing how most dogs always find their way back to the car. It's called instinct. My terriers do it consistently if they get "twisted." Unleashing a great dog for a hike is their total enjoyment and freedom. It's your responsibility as owner to know your dog's abilities. Always having a great dog on a leash is a sin.