Lake George

Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kayaking the Schroon River - Warrensburg, NY - 3/18/12

I enjoy kayaking the Schroon River (although I've never done it in March before)!  I haven't done the whitewater sections, since I have a touring boat, but now I've done most of the quiet water sections.

Today's paddle was the meandering section beginning in Bolton, south of Riverbank, at the location where the river starts to wind back and forth.  Just to the north are some small rapids, which I would have done in the summer, but I didn't want to take a chance in March.

I must say it felt strange kayaking in mid-March, even though the weather was more like May.  As I paddled though, I came across both cool and warm thermals in the air.  The water was certainly cold, but I managed to stay dry.

Map showing my Launch and Take Out locations - click to enlarge

This paddle measured 6.8 miles and took an hour and a half to paddle.  There were lots of Mergansers along the way and some geese.  I had not paddled this section of the river before.  It is a little wider and deeper than my favorite section (Schroon Falls - south the Schroon Lake).  There are not as many inviting little beaches either.  Still a nice paddle.

A nice easy launch location - I didn't even get my feet wet
Several embankments line the river
Not too many sandbars on this section of the river, but here's one
I love these old small "out-buildings"

Quite a few ducks and geese were in this field

Another small beach


Still some ice on the back bays, but not in the main river channel


The "take out" was just beyond the bridge (County Home Road) on paddler's left

Just so you know, you will hear some interstate noise as you get closer to the take-out (especially with the leaves down).  In my mind it's not horrible.  That section of the interstate doesn't get much traffic.  By the way, since I was solo on this trip, I left a bicycle at the take-out.  It provided an easy way to get back to the car after my paddle.  I simply peddled north on scenic County Route 10 for 4.25 miles.

This is the first time I've gone skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, bicycling and kayaking in the same week.  It was great.  I hope the boat gets to stay out.  With this warm weather pattern extending for most of the coming week, perhaps I'll go kayaking again mid-week with my daughter during "spring break"!  This time I'll let her choose between all the activities mentioned above.


  1. Wow. I've spent some time in that part of the Adks but was never really aware of all that flatwater on the Schroon. I'm not a kayaker - is it suitable for a Hornbeck - no rapid sections? Nice photos.

    1. Yes. This paddle would be great in a Hornbeck. I think the best flat water paddle section is from a put in just below Schroon Falls on Route 9 to Alder Meadow Road, or taking out at the Town of Schroon state boat launch in town (but you'd have to paddle a small part of the lake which can sometimes get choppy).

      The outlet of Schroon Lake to the Starbuckville Dam is also flat, but not quite as interesting.

      You can see my posts from August 2011 for more description.

  2. We are going to stand up paddle a section starting at the Horicon ramp and taking out at exit 25 somewhere. Have you paddled that stretch?