Lake George

Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Owl's Head - 11/5/11

Our 3rd adventure of the day, after Catamount Mountain and Cooperas Pond was Owl's Head off Route 73 in Keene, NY.  Like many people, we'd driven past Owl's Head many times and hadn't stopped because it was "too short a hike".  Well on this day it was 4 PM as we were driving by, and we thought..... it's time.

It was still a nice sunny day, and a .6 mile scramble was be a nice way to end the day.  We saw 4 other groups doing the same thing.  It was well worth the trip.   The summit is quite intereting, and different from other summits in the area.

Trailhead Elev:  1648'
Summit Elev:  2138'
Round Trip Distance:  1.15 miles
Total Vertical Gain:  666'
Total Hike Time: 50 minutes

Trailhead sign

The beginning of the trail crosses private land

These pine trees were prevalent on the summit

Leesa approaching the summit

A sentinal
Entering state land

Looking up to the summit

Looking SW

Looking west

The summit

Looking NW towards Upper and Lower Cascade Lake and Route 73

Mike on the summit

Another view of the summit

Looking north to Pitchoff Mountain

As we decended, 2 women were on there way up to see the sunset and moonrise.  Not a bad idea.

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