Lake George

Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Glen Lake from French Mountain Ledge -10/16/11

Living in Queensbury near Glen Lake, just south of Lake George NY, I wanted to see what the lake looked like from the air. You can't get a good look at Glen Lake from Prospect Mountain, but there had to be a way from French Mountain.
As you look north from the lake, you can see ledges on the south face of French Mountain. I pulled up a map and saved the coordinates of the approximate location of the ledge. I had been nearby when I had hiked French Mountain to see Bear Pond, but had not located the ledge.
I parked on Route 149, just east of Route 9, at the intersection with the Warren County bike path, and walked north one half mile to the blue diamond trail on the right side. I took the trail heading east. I did a little wandering around, as there are several old jeep roads in the area.

I came across an old billboard for Great Escape Amusement Park. The sign is now abandoned and overgrown. It looked like it was all hand painted and not wallpapered on like signs are now.

An abandoned sign for Great Escape... now overgrown in the woods

I continued on the French Mountain jeep road heading east, past the west facing ledge.

Jeep trail on French Mountain

 As I got closer to the south facing ledge I was looking for, I left the trail and headed towards my coordinates.

Arriving near the ledge

The ledge turned out to be a really nice spot with a great view to the south, SE and SW.
Glen Lake!

Luzerne Mountains in the background

The clouds were quite interesting on this day, and were quickly changing, providing all kinds of different lighting as I looked down on the lake.

Round trip the hike was about 8 miles, but it was quite easy.  I'll be sure to do this hike again in the different seasons.


  1. Looks like a good hike. Is this area 'conflicted' with the new zipline?