Lake George

Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Shelving Rock Mountain - Lake George - 4/30/13

What beautiful weather this week in the northeast this week.  I took full advantage of the 70 degree weather on Monday night by going over to the Shelving Rock area of Lake George.  Accessed from Route 149 in Fort Ann via Buttermilk Falls Road and Shelving Rock Road, it feels like the road will never end.  Once you turn off Route 149, it is seven miles on pavement, then 2.5 miles on gravel to reach the Hogtown parking lot.  It is an additional 2.5 miles on gravel to reach the Shelving Rock Mountain trailhead, and another 1+ miles to reach the gate at the end of the road.  Those 13 miles take about 20-25 minutes by car.

I took the road all the way to the parking lot 7, just before the gate.  I wanted to walk down to the lake from there to see how hard it would be to carry my kayak to the lake.  I was excited to see that there is a gentle path that can be followed for perhaps 500 feet to reach a perfect launch location.  From there, I followed the old carriage road to Log Bay, stopping to take numerous photos   

Looking south from the shore near Hens & Chickens Island

Huckleberry Island in the distance (and Dome Island way in the distance)

Huckleberry Island

The carriage roads would be great for trail running.  Once at Log Bay, I turned around at went back to the car so I could move it to the Shelving Rock Mountain trailhead.  It was 6:30 and I wanted to get up the mountain to catch the early part of sunset.  I forgot to bring a headlamp with me, so I wouldn't be able to stay on top for the red orange afterglow, but it was a beautiful evening to head up.

Rev's always the first one to take a look

It took Rev and I 30 minutes to quickly hike up the 1.7 mile carriage road trail to the summit.  We had a little time to relax and have a snack before the sunset began.  It was an amazing night, still 70 degrees, the sun sun in the west was still warming the eastern face of Shelving Rock.  There was no wind, no bugs and no motor boat noise.  All was quiet.

What a view to the south

Rev was content to just stand and look around, as was I.  We had no reason to move off our rock viewpoint.  Next time, the headlamp comes with me.

Perch Islands in the foreground

Sunset was starting!

Time to head down (It killed me to leave this.  I wanted to watch the sun sink below the mountain)

At 7:30 it was time to head down so we wouldn't get caught in the darkness.  I was glad I was able to get up there for the time that we had and you can be sure I'll be back.


I went back to the summit on Friday 4/30 with headlamps to stay for the full sunset.  Hear a a couple pics as it got dark.  On the way down, we could see the ongoing forest fire on the summit of Sleeping Beauty Mountain.  Apparently a fire started accidentally and about 6 acres burned at the summit.  I'll have to head that way soon to see the damage.

Looking south

View to the west

Crane Mountain in the distance


  1. Hi Mike! Thanks for sharing the info. Do you think it would be possible to park overnight in that lot? Was there a parking fee? I am interested in parking there and boating to the Natrows and camping on an island overnight.


    1. Hi Holly.

      There are signs in the vicinity that say day use only. I think the big concern is illegal camping. I don't know about leaving a car overnight. The best thing to do is call DEC and ask them.

      As far as camping on an island; you'll have to make a reservation through

      The islands book up pretty fast. You may have to take whaterve site is available. Thanks for reading and good luck!