Lake George

Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sandy Bay - Lake George - 8/26/11

I had this Friday off from work, and Leesa was able to spare a couple hours off in the morning so we went for a 2 hour paddle at the south end of Lake George.  We parked at a small pulloff of Route 9, just west of Pilot Knob Road and launched from a little piece of state land that accesses Warner Bay.  You can carry your boat 50' from the pulloff to the launch site.

Our kayak route highlighted in blue
Our route was about 5 miles in total.  We paddled north and then turned left (west) around Sheldon Point then south to Sandy Bay.

Nice bridge connecting a home on Sheldon Point with their boathouse

State sign for Sandy Bay at shoreline

Small cove on Sandy Bay

Notice the shallow depth of water and sandy bottom
Sandy Bay is known for its' shallow water and sandy bottom. Many boats anchor off Sandy Bay so people can swim. It's a great spot for little kids with most of the area having a water depth of 1-4'. 

We enjoyed a swim then paddled north along the east side of Cleverdale to Ripley Point. From there we could see Assembly Point and Long Island.
Looking towards Cleverdale

We looped around and returned to Warner Bay and back out. A nice 2 hour paddle. The water really is clear. In many spots, you can see the bottom 12-15 feet below.

This picture was accidently taken in sepia, but it looks nice

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  1. Just used this put in for a kayak out to Long Islad. Thanks for the location tip. Keith.

    1. Great! You can also get to Long Island and Speaker Heck Island quickly by launching from Route 9 near the Happy Family Islands in Harris Bay.