Lake George

Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Netop Mountain (2875') and Dorset Hill (2782') - Dorset, VT - 4/14/19

For this hike, I chose start from a parking area called "Baker Camp" on the National Geographic map.   From Dorset, follow Dorset Hollow Road to Upper or Lower Hollow Road to Tower Road to Grouse Road (private).  Grouse Road splits at the end and the Forest Service has built an access road to a parking lot.  Stay left at the end of Grouse Road to utilize this parking area.  A sign labels it as "Dorset Hollow".  A kiosk has just been built, but does not yet contain any information.

The new kiosk at "Dunham Hollow"

Dunham Hollow parking area.

I didn't know if I would be bushwhacking or following an old logging road or woods road on this day.  I didn't expect a trail, but a trail was there.  It was soon apparent that the trail was in the process of being built and it is a single track mountain bike trail.  Afterwards I found out on the internet that the Northshire Area Trails System of VT, (NATS) is building a 3.9 mile trail up Netop Mountain.   I followed this for awhile, but, being designed for bikes, it had more switchbacks than I wanted for climbing. 

The single track trail

I left the single track trail to do an easy bushwhack up the side of Netop Mountain to the ridge.  

I gained the ridge near the southern sub-summit of Netop Mountain.  I went there first, then continued on the lightly treed ridge to Dorset Hill.  I followed an old woods road.  Next I retreated my steps and went to the true summit of Nepot and northward to the end of the ridge.    

Dorset Hill

Stratton Mountain in the distance.

Netop Mountain in the background.

A closer look at Netop Miuntain

Netop Mountain
At the northern end of the ridge, I dropped down the western flank of the mountain to return to the car, crossing the single track trail at several points along the way.

A birdhouse in the parking area.

Netop Mountain on the left, Dorset Hill on the right (taken from Upper Hollow Road) 

These woods are quite open and the walking was easy.  Several woods roads made the walk even easier.  The views were mostly filtered through the bare trees, but it was a nice walk nonetheless.

Hike Stats:
Hike Distance:  6.8 miles
Hike Time:  4 hours
Total Vertical Gain:  2200'

The route


  1. how did you find this trail? i've lived 5 miles down the road and never new it was there. thanks for the article

  2. My son built the new kiosk as an Eagle Scout project. We were excited to see your picture of it.