Lake George

Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jabe Pond - Lake George Wild Forest - 11/3/13

I wasn't expecting a sunny day today, but that's what we got.  It was colder, with temps in the mid 30's, but with the sun out, it was a great day to be outside.  Our destination today was Jabe Pond at the northern end of the Lake George Wild Forest in the Town of Hague.  A nice map (including campsites), can be found here.
I have heard that this is a party spot and that the access road is often very rough, but today things were in our favor.  We parked at the beginning of Jabe Pond Road since we didn't know how the road would be.  It turns out that it was as smooth as could be.  Any car could have driven this road today.  
We enjoyed the walk on the road anyways.  It is a very pretty spot.  When we got to the trailhead at the pond, there were 7 pickup trucks parked there (probably hunters).  I'm probably one of the few hikers from the local area that hasn't seen this place, and I was sorry I hadn't come here sooner. 

Jabe Pond Road
Trailhead sign and map

We started by following the herd path along the west shore of the pond.  We saw 4 designated campsites along the way.  The 3rd one was the nicest, being on a little pine promontory jutting out into the pond.  

A new meaning of seaworthy?
Picturesque little islands in the pond

The best campsite on the west shore

We followed the herd path along the west shore until we were 3/4 of the way to to the southern end of the pond.  At that point the herd path began to disappear.  We went back to the trailhead and began to walk the east side of the pond.  We soon ran across a blue marked trail.

This trail goes to the south end of the pond and then ends.  We continued on, following a herd path a short ways until that to ended.

Remains of a chimney on one of the islands

A camping spot on the water

There are a few small beach areas at the south end of the pond.  There is also a nice designated campsite  on the point on the east side.
 We worked our way back along  the east side and then back down the Jabe Pond Road.  We didn't see anyone all afternoon.  All the trucks were still at the parking lot when we passed by on the way out.  The hunters were probably further in the woods and not at the waters edge.
 We will definitely come back here with the kayaks to go a paddle.  The pond looks very promising.  I also want to bushwhack some of the surrounding peaks (Middle Mountain, Catamount Mountain).
Hike Stats:
Hike Distance:  6.2 miles (including access road)
Hike Time:  3 hours
Total Vertical Gain:  ~ 550' 


  1. In your review you mentioned hiking the east side of the pond. The hiking trail is on the west side of the pond if i remember correctly. Are you referencing a different trail or am I mistaken? Thanks for the wonderful review and photos!

    1. We were bushwhacking along the east side just staying near the lake. There was no marked trail, but it was easy walking.

      Thanks for reading.

    2. The east side now has blue marked trail and connects with the Silver Bay Association trail to Sunrise Mtn and then down to Rt9N. Just hiked it earlier today.