Lake George

Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Favorite Photos of 2012

Time to show my favorite photos of 2012.  I tried not to just pick ones with natural beauty, but those that had some intrinsic artistic quality.  I couldn't narrow these down to a manageable number for one post, so watch for Part Two for the remainder.  They are in no particular order.  Let me know your favorites!

[Edit - Sorry to those that left comments on this blog post earlier (Penobscot Paddles, Linda W., Jeff F.), I accidentally deleted the post while creating Part Two, so I had to reproduce it here and I lost your comments... my apologies).

Sunrise as seen from my desk at work!  - 6:07 AM - 3/20/12

Mount Haystack and the Great Range as seen from Schofield Cobbles on Mount Marcy, just after I finished  by ADK High Peaks on Mount Skylight 7/8/12

Looking towards Wright Peak from Algonquin - 6/24/12

Mount Marcy on the left, as seen from Mount Skylight - 7/8/12

Footbridge over the E. Branch Sacandaga River, Botheration Trail - 12/28/12

Dog River Trail, just east of Mount Hood, OR - 10/21/12

Dix Mountain from Nippletop - 2/4/12 (This is perhaps my favorite photo of 2012.  It  was about 10-:30 in the morning on the summit, and I had the mountain to myself on a great day)

Lake Placid from McKenzie Mountain - 11/10/12

West Arlington Covered Bridge and the Battenkill River, W. Arlington, VT -  6/10/12

Schroon River at the mouth of Schroon Lake - 9/21/12 (Me in the background)  Photo courtesy of Bob Van Hise

Lake George from  First Mountain - 11/22/12

Mount Hood from Route 35 - 10/21/12

Lake Vivian - Enchantment Lakes, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA - 10/17/12

Sunrise atSnow Lake - Enchantment Lakes, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA - 10/17/12

Snow Lake - Enchantment Lakes, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA - 10/17/12

Leesa on climbing Mount St. Helens - 10/20/12

Leesa on climbing Mount St. Helens - 10/20/12

Leesa on climbing Mount St. Helens - 10/20/12

Ptarmigan Trail to Mount St. Helens from Climbers Bivouac - 10/20/12

An old shed on the trail from "The Garden" in Keene Valley to Little Porter Mountain -  1/1/13

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  1. Awesome shots! I'm glad you had such a great year full of adventures.