Lake George

Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pilot Knob Mountain - 11/25/11

We were up early today to work off some calories from our great Thanksgiving meal.  Our destination was Pilot Knob Mountain on the lower eastern shore of Lake George.  The hike was part trail, part bushwhack. 

Tuesday night's storm had delivered 5 inches of snow to our area, with 8-10 inches in the hills.  We had our snowshoes in the car, but chose not to use them.  Leesa wished we had, since the hiking got tougher as we climbed.  The weather was sunny and it was about 40 degrees.  The snow had a crunchy top layer adding to the difficulty walking.

Trip Stats:
Hike Distance:  4.3 miles
Total Vertical Gain: 1250'
Hike Time:  3 hrs 40 minutes
Summit Elevation:  2159'

The trailhead sign
Our route shown in blue

The sun was quick to burn off the morning fog

Approaching the summit...

A small rock cairn marks the summit
Leesa at the summit

Have to show that we made it...

The view to the south

Google Earth image of our route

View Pilot Knob Mountain in a larger map

Next time we decided we need to hike from the Pilot Knob trailhead to the shoulder of Pilot Knob Mountain (just NW from the actual summit). The shoulder has a rocky top and a view, whereas the actual summit is mostly in the trees. Anyways, we claimed a peak and had a nice hike.


  1. Does this hike go to or by the location of the 1969 crash site?

    1. No, but see my post from 12/7/13. That trip did.