Sunday, August 3, 2014

Buck Mountain - Lake George Wild Forest - 7/30/14

I've reported on Buck Mountain before.  This is my after work mountain.  I climbed it again this past Wednesday with my dog Rev.  She was a little rambunctious when I got home from work so we headed to Buck from the Pilot Knob trailhead.
What made this trip unusual is that I didn't see a single person on the entire hike.  Rev and I did it as a quick hike up and a trail run down.
Tongue Range from Buck
Lots of folks typically enjoy this as a half day hike.  It's not an easy hike for people for which this is their only hike in a year.  The trail climbs approximately 1950' in 3.1 miles.
The trail starts out gradual, but continually gets steeper until near the final summit plateau.

 Rev and I managed to reach the top in 55 minutes.  We enjoyed the view for 10 minutes, then bombed down the mountain taking 35 minutes to reach the car.

Setting sun

Rev standing guard over southern Lake George


It's so great to have a mountain like this that I can access in minutes from my house.  I never fail to enjoy a trip up Buck.
Hike Stats:
Hike Distance:  6.2 miles
Hike Time:  1 hour, 30 minutes (as a trail run)
Total Vertical Gain:  ~1950'

The route

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