Sunday, August 12, 2018

Project 100 - A Demanding Winter Challenge for an Extraordinary Cause

Many of you who read Off An Adventure are winter hikers.  Perhaps you've heard of Neil Luckhurst and the fund raising challenges he has accomplished.  This past winter he completed his toughest challenge to date... he climbed the 100 highest peaks in the Adirondack Park during the winter hiking season.  Many of these climbs are tough bushwhack hikes even in the summer.   In winter, a good dose of luck, a lot of planning, and plenty of endurance and determination are needed to climb these peaks.  To do them all in one winter season is beyond comprehension.  If Neal's story "peaks" your interest, you can now read his story and support a great cause all at the same time.  Please see below!

Neal's Project 100 Story...

"Project-100 ebook is now available for download!  In it I share the more intense hikes and my preparation.  I think you'' get a sense of my increasing confidence that gave way to certainty after I endured the project's climax weekend in the Sawtooths.  The book is heavily spiced with pictures.  I also discuss my training regimen.  The ADK High PEaks Foundation is making the book available to you as a gift.  We hope you will make a donation in order that we may continue in our efforts to educate the hiking public and preserve the mountains we all love."

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