Lake George

Lake George
Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011

The War Room

War Room - "A room at the center of operations of an organization, where the status of operations may be discussed, or plans made, and often containing special equipment, such as charts, maps, or computers, to assist such functions."

Funny how that sounds like the dining room table of our "camp" when I'm plotting our next great adventure. Leesa and I use the word "camp" to distinguish the property from our house, although the camp is essentially a small house. We don't call it a "vacation house" since we don't spend our big vacations there, besides a "vacation house" sounds too glamorous. The only problem with calling it a camp, is that people conjure up images of a seasonal building without a furnace or insulation, and perhaps a moose head hanging on the wall.

The camp road

Our camp is our "base of operations", or "interior outpost"'. We use it all year round (and yes it has central heat). It even has a full walkout basement and a finished room in the cellar (the man cave). The 1st floor has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and an open "L shaped space" with the kitchen, dining area and living area w/ fireplace. From the living space you can go up to a loft which has an additional sleeping space.

The "kitchen" before - August 2009

The kitchen finished - November 2009

Usually we'll arrive at the camp and Leesa will get a fire going in the fireplace while I sit down at the dining room table to do some planning. Next thing you know, the table looks like a war room and Leesa is worrying what her fate will be. The longer I study the maps, the more worried she gets. Sometimes I leave her hanging in suspense, but I often find it's better to "clue her in" so she can mentally prepare for yet another adventure. In any case, she is always a good sport about it.

The chimney almost done

The finished fireplace

The camp is just west of Schroon Lake, NY and is relatively remote, although we can be in town in 10 minutes, Best of all, it is centrally located for us, being 45 minutes from our home and also 45 minutes from the Adirondack high peaks.   A great place for a war room and for a man cave!

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